The Sun Book Backstory

The Sun Book tablet is a project of the World Literacy Foundation, which has a goal of eradicating illiteracy.

In today’s world, 20% of the population is illiterate. Millions of adults, as well as children, can’t read or write. This often goes hand in hand with crippling poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

The rise of technology such as the Internet means many people are also facing digital illiteracy. What if you can’t use a computer? Send an email? Navigate a website? The lack of these basic digital skills limits the opportunities for already illiterate people to get better jobs and improve their lives.

The Sun Book project is about bringing textbooks and educational resources to the classrooms of the world’s poorest children. These children – tomorrow’s leaders – often have to share a single textbook. Or try to learn with no textbook at all. In this information-rich age, that is a disgrace.

The Sun Book solar-powered tablet is a sustainable solution for the millions of classrooms that have no electricity and no Internet. It brings quality textbooks and learning materials into the classroom on a single device.

Will you join us in the fight to give children a quality education and instil in them a love of learning?

The Sun Book Mission

To provide digital learning resources to all children, both boys and girls so they can:

  • Receive a quality education
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning
  • Be better prepared for the digital age

We’re passionate about bridging the digital divide for children in developing countries who have:

  • Few or zero textbooks
  • No access to the learning tools on the Internet that are available to their wealthier peers
  • Been forgotten and are being left behind in today’s technological world

If you believe:

  • Every child should be able to get a quality education
  • Poverty does not have to define a child’s future
  • Children should get the chance to dream big and reach their potential

Then you can take action or give directly as we roll out the Sun Book tablets.

In 20 million classrooms in the world’s poorest countries, children are missing out on vital schooling because they lack books and basic education resources

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