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Give the Gift of Literacy this Christmas

Children born in low-income communities in Sub-Saharan Africa face danger and uncertainty every day.

Attending school and staying in school are complex situations for these children but are their only route out of poverty.

Most of the children go days without food, they don’t have a pencil or notebook to participate in their learning and if they do attend school, they sit on cold hard floors because of overcrowded classrooms.

Schools do not have any books or supportive learning materials.

This Christmas, your generosity has the power to help turn the page on illiteracy and give hope of a better future to more than 10.000 children.

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Include a donation on your wishlist this Christmas and give hope to those in need.

This year, give purpose to your holiday season

Help us achieve our goal of $50.000 USD to equip 12 schools in remote communities with non-internet dependent Digital Education kits. Enabling more than 10.000 children to access quality education.

Change Caroline's Story

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11-year-old Caroline lives with her aunt in a remote village in Kayunga District, Uganda.

As a baby, Caroline was subject to physical abuse and her aunt, at the age of 50, became her primary caregiver.

Her aunt is HIV positive, and despite her big smile and warm welcome, she is unwell and suffering. She worries about what will happen to Caroline when she is not around.

There is no electricity in Caroline’s village. Their home is one room, the size of a double bed, and made from some bricks, mud, and leaves. There is barely enough room to turn around.

The room has a single bed, a few possessions, some shoes and plastic bags hang on the walls. The room is pitch black once the sun goes down.

Caroline explains that she does her homework by candlelight when she can borrow a match from a neighbor.


Caroline’s bed, a hard thin mat is stored away during the day to give them a bit more space to move around.

The chickens share this room at night-time, so they are safe from thieves.

Because of this, Caroline wakes up daily with chicken feces on her body and bed.

There is one small mosquito net in their room. It is torn and ineffective. 

Malaria is common here and a friend of Caroline recently passed away from the disease.

Caroline is covered in scars from mosquito bites.

Jajja explained that when Caroline goes to school, she works digging the fields in exchange for a little food. When asked if they have enough food,  Jajja replies “When we have, we eat, when we don’t, we live”.

Caroline comes to life when she talks about going to school.

Her favorite books are found in her classroom on a shared tablet device provided by “Sun Books”.

“Before this program, my world was without books. Today, the best part of my life is going to school”, Caroline said.

For as little as $25, you can give the gift of literacy to another child like Caroline.


Caroline loves seeing her friends, writing stories, and playing netball. She explained that since she was able to use Sun Books in her class, her confidence in reading has improved, and all she wants to do is write stories.

“Since World Literacy Foundation brought Sun Books to my school, I have become the Head of the School Library. Before we only had a few, very old books.”

Caroline is really proud of her library role.

There are 600 stories and books on the Sun Book tablets, with a variety of culturally suitable stories for Caroline and her friends to enjoy and learn from. Caroline’s teacher noted “The Sun Books e-library offers a window to imagination, creativity and knowledge.”

Caroline hopes to work with computers. She dreams of the day she is able to support Jajja and her brothers and sisters, who are cared for in different villages by other family members.

Caroline has a very hard life. It is clear that life without books is bleak.

“Because of Sun Books I have hope for my future”

Caroline’s love of reading and writing is important. Her dream to work with computers is important, and your donation makes her future dreams a reality.

Watch the full video of Caroline

Your Christmas donation of $75 can provide essential learning materials and support for three children just like Caroline. Please donate today.

This Christmas, your gift can give hope to more than 10.00 children like Caroline. A gift of $10 USD will provide a child like Caroline with 3 books, and help them realize their true potential.


SUN BOOKS is also part of The World Literacy Foundation’s mission to ensure that all children, regardless of geographic location, have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills and books to reach their full potential.

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