Literacy Development With Jolly Phonics – Sun Books Literacy Conference

Vanessa Portilla

Sun Books is committed with the literacy development in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that one of the key factors to improve literacy levels is the constant teacher trainings. That is why we are hosting a monthly literacy conference, in which we are sharing with our stakeholders, different activities and best practices from partners and institutions.

Literacy Conference- Jolly phonics
Jolly phonics – Literacy conference

July’s conference took place last friday 29th. We got over 40 participants attending from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia, India, Philippine, UK, USA, New Zealand, Zambia, Ghana, Pakistan, and South Africa.

Our main speaker was Leidy Valbuena, a colombian teacher and researcher from Universidad Distrital FJC, who shared with us her experience working with Jolly Phonics to improve the literacy levels of her students in Bogot√°, Colombia.

The conference was based on how to use the Jolly Phonics method to teach Literacy within and outside the classroom. Jolly phonics emphasises the teaching of letter sounds in isolation and how to blend letter sounds to read words and sentences. The method enhances literacy skills, improves reading fluency, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and writing in both native and foreign language learning.

If you missed the conference, click here to access the webinar recording.

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An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

©Copyright Sun Books. All right reserved. An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

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