Sun Book FAQ

  • What are the Sun Book specs?

The Sun Book is a 10-inch Android device with 16GB storage. It measures 242 x 189 x 10mm and weighs 680g.

  • What sort of local content is included on the tablet?

Content in both Swahili and English has come from partnerships with several local children’s book publishers. So teachers can teach and children can learn using local, culturally relevant books and resources.

  • How will the Sun Book tablet be used?

With your support, the aim is to provide one Sun Book tablet for each classroom. The teacher can use the resources on the device to help devise lesson plans. Children can read books on the device or complete assessments as set by the teacher.

  • Who developed the Sun Book tablet?

The World Literacy Foundation designed and developed the Sun Book tablet over the last 3 years. This was in response to the urgent need for more textbooks and teaching resources in millions of classrooms throughout the world’s poorest regions.

A comprehensive digital library- with a focus on literacy, numeracy and health, the tablet has over 800 textbooks and ebooks plus video and audio files, lesson plans and classroom activities, educational games and student assessment tools.Fast, high quality content- no buffering or waiting for content to load.Strong, durable materials- built to withstand harsh, outdoor environments.In-the-field teacher training- a field officer will visit the teacher in the school to provide training and support for the tablet.A sustainable solar-powered device- a solar panel charger means no electricity is needed for recharging.All content preloaded- crucial in regions where Internet is patchy or non-existent so no downloads are required.Relevant local content- 30% of the textbooks and resources on the device incorporate local content.Low cost educational resources- much cheaper and easier to produce and ship than the equivalent hard copy textbooks.

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