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Since 1999, Guyana has faced unnerving unemployment rates and in 2019 the country had one of its worst recorded rates, at 12.22%. With this information, education has become critical to the future prosperity and development of the country. In 2020, Sun Books has now officially made plans to implement the program in Guyana, which will provide educational resources and teacher training to over 500 local students and educators.

Cindy O. Charles, Founder and CEO of Kupanda Sisters., launched a pilot initiative with Sun Books in Georgetown, Guyana in April, 2020. The mission and goal behind the Kupanda Sisters is to uplift women and youth in underserved communities by providing them with literacy resources and skills to empower them to reach their  full potential, and become meaningful and engaged contributors to their communities.

Sun Books aims to make a transformative change in off-the-grid classrooms with limited or no access to electricity, Internet or suitable educational resources. By preloading solar-powered tablet devices with locally curated content aligned with an existing curriculum, Sun Books aims to increase both teacher and student performance. The tablets are equipped with more than 300 e-books, along with300 more lessons and activities for primary level learners.

Kupanda Sisters partnered with Sophia Primary School in April,2019. The Sun Books pilot program and training are now officially underway at Sophia Primary School in Georgetown, Guyana.

“Educating women all the way to brighter future. With the help of Sun Books projects in Guyana, we have been able to uplift those in underserved communities and shape a brighter future in literacy resources to empower them to achieve their desired goals. ” – Kupanda Sisters

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An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

©Copyright Sun Books. All right reserved. An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

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