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Most schools in northern and eastern Uganda are “off-grid,” meaning that they do not have a reliable Internet connection or electricity source. Most schools often do not have books, and many do not even have furniture. Teachers are not only under-resourced but they also often lack the necessary training to effectively teach. This poor infrastructure results in thousands of children throughout the region left educationally vulnerable and marginalised. Furthermore, the average age in Uganda tells us that the population is on the younger side, averaging at 16.7 years old. This data suggests the impact that the younger generations will have on the future of the country. As such, Sun Books has implemented a project in Uganda to work towards educating children in remote classrooms through the use of high-quality, interactive learning resources.

Sun Books is implementing the project in Uganda in 3 different locations: Gulu District (Northern Region), Jinja District (Eastern Region), and Kayunga District. We are partnering with 10 different schools in these areas: Gulu: Gulu Primary School, Christ Church Primary School, Kasubi Primary school. Jinja: Jinja Christian School. Kayunga: Maligita Primary School, Kangulumira Roman Catholic Primary School, Agnes School, New ABC Nursery and Primary School, Mother Teresa Nursery and Primary School, and Victory Nursery and Primary School.

Sun Books is locally registered in Kampala, Uganda, and is also registered as an international NGO with the Uganda NGO registration board. Engaging  Education is in the process of having their 1st-year accounts done. We have 10 school partners and work with the Sun Flowers Project for our delivery in Kayunga, who have issued a formal support statement and are dedicated to helping us reach this region’s schools.

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An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

©Copyright Sun Books. All right reserved. An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

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