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Solar energy: a solution for Africa’s chronic power problems

Currently, in Sub-Saharan Africa, just one person in five has access to electricity. Those who do have it, on average pay almost twice as much as in other parts of the world. Energy shortages cost Africa between 2% and 4% of GDP per year.

More than 30 African countries are now experiencing power shortages and regular interruptions in service. Leading to problems for schools to develop consistent activities.

Electricity is an important step toward enhancing people’s opportunities and choices. Solar and wind energy are more promising for large-scale power generation. Furthermore, conditions for solar power are excellent in Africa, where sunlight is plentiful and much more reliable than elsewhere.

As part of Sun Books actions, we installed a solar panel in BOJED Primary School, positively impacting more than 50 pupils, teachers and families.

Sun Books teacher

” I, Mrs. Oluwagbemiga Evelyn, the Head of School of BOJED Primary School, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria wishes to express my gratitude to you for solving the problem of blackout in our school. Before you installed the solar, we were having challenges with charging the tabs you gave us due to the problem of electricity in our community. This problem has persisted for years and ages in our society and in the country at large. We are so glad that we can now use the tabs everyday and any time without waiting for days until power is installed. Moreover, the pupils are eager to learn and the parents are excited about it. There is now literacy improvement among the students. The solar installation will further help to fast track the learning speed and literacy development of the learners. Power is light and light is joy. With a joyful heart, education is easier. Thank you so much for making learning easy for us”.




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An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

©Copyright Sun Books. All right reserved. An initiative by the World Literacy Foundation

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